The Promise of Abundant Life – December 10, 2017 – Isaiah 55: 1 – 13

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We’ve read Daniel and Ezekiel so far this Advent season. Now, today is Isaiah. If you look at the lists of the books of the Bible in the front of your Bible – they appear in your Bible in the order listed on this slide down then over and down, you may think that reading Isaiah is out of order, right? Well, none of the prophets are really in a chronological timeline in the Biblical order of their placement.

The Narrative Lectionary is designed to follow the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in order of the story. So, we’re reading the prophecies based on the period in which they prophesied. There were 3 periods of prophecy –
• Before the Exile which were messages of judgments and calls for repentance;
• During the Exile which were messages of comfort and hope and the promise that God is with them; and
• At the end of the Exile, when the people are allowed to return to Israel, which were messages of fulfillment, abundance, and promise. Continue reading