Prayer for our schools and universities

Over the past 2 weeks, there have been 2 shootings at schools and 2 at universities. It saddens me that our young people have turned to violence as a means to reconcile their feelings. Each of these events are a cry for help from a shooter dealing with demons.

Even with a strong understanding of God, I am left questioning where God is and what He is doing. I have prayed about His presence and omnipotence. In these unfortunate events, I am reminded that we have free will to do as we sinfully see fit. In these events, God is there to heal the injured, receive into eternal glory the dead, and hear the confession of the shooters.

I offer this prayer for all those involved and all those thinking of a violent end to their suffering. Please pray with me.

God, you are our source of life. In you, we live, move, and have our being. You are the giver of life and sustain us daily.

We call on your Presence on the campuses where violent acts have occurred. Give the students a spirit of peace that surpasses their fear of further violence. Touch with your healing hand those injured recovering from gun shot wounds. Bind up the shattered hearts over the loss of their classmates and loved ones. Protect our children and young adults from further harm and pain.

May we hear the voices of the shooters as they are questioned about their actions. May we seek to understand their pain and suffering that led to the shootings. May we seek more to cast out their demons than exact justice. May we devote ourselves to programs and ministries that identify the behaviors of potential shooters before they act. May we develop programs and ministries to diagnosis early mental health illness and provide treatment for those young people who silently suffer until they violently erupt.

This we pray in the Name of our Savior Christ Jesus who lives and reigns with you now and forevermore. Amen.


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