Let’s Make More Time for Prayer

I am currently reading “Prayer for People Who Can’t Sit Still” by William Tenny-Brittian.  Here’s the irony, a man with ADHD sat down to write a book about prayer disciplines for people who can’t sit still who will have to sit still long enough to read about how to pray when they can’t sit still.  That makes me laugh!  Now, with my leg swinging or foot tapping, I’m sitting down to read.

While I’m reading about various prayer practices, I’ll share with you these tips from the United Church of Christ‘s Feed Your Spirit page of their web site.  Lillian Daniel wrote this list, “20 Ways to Add More Prayer to Your Life.”  This list was my inspiration for devoting my blog to prayer for the remainer of 2011.  I’ll add some comments to the list below.   If you’d like to read Lillian’s comments or purchase her book, please visit: http://www.ucc.org/feed-your-spirit/.

1) Turn off the car radio:  This is probably my favorite.  On road trips, I will turn off the radio and talk to God.  Its a great time to pray – you, God and the open road, I say.  This really works best when you’re not in traffic (otherwise, see #14).
2) Pray your hello and goodbyes.
3) Tape your prayer list to the bathroom mirror – hopefully, you look in the mirror once a day.
4) Take a prayer walk.
5) Pray with the sirens: A friend taught me this when one I was working on a hospital.  We would see the Life Flight helicopters fly in and we’d pray for the person being transported and his/her medical care and family/friends.
6) Pray for strangers in public places.
7) Take a gratitude day.
8) Get a prayer buddy.
9) Breathe.
10) Join a prayer group.
11) Physical prayer: I’ll have more on this prayer practice once I finish reading my book.
12) Pray while you exercise.
13) Pray for something really crazy.
14) Redeem a traffic jam:  I think this is to avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic watching the clock tick.  Let’s face it – this is not the time to crank the stereo, brake into a solo with a dashboard drum accompaniment.
15) Pray for a jerk:  I think this is in the Bible.  Something about loving your neighbor or treating others like you want to be treated.  There might be a Proverb or two about your enemy.
16) Pray before eating:  If you’ve been to camp, you know a few ways to sing your graces.
17) Let your eating be prayerful.
18) Show up for weekly worship: Worship is an opportunity to set aside one hour of your week to come together in the fellowship of a Christian community to pray and sing and study together.
19) And really pray during worship:  This might be a ‘duh’ suggestion, but there are plenty of us who think about our grocery list while we ask God for our daily bread.
20) Let, others pray for you.

May you find a quiet moment this week,

Rev. Tracy


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