Prayer for World Peace

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Prince of Peace and rightful advocate of our prayers for peace.  We bid you hear our prayers:

For each of us that we may be active in the ministry of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace-making for the healing of your creation.

For all families that they may experience your love.

For children and young people that you may fill them with hope for the future.

For all neighborhoods that they may be places of mutual respect.

For all those in leadership positions among those who bear arms, all the leaders of the United Nations and all those in authority in the nations of the world that they may exercise power gently, humbly seek a dialogue that will bring about understanding leading us all to a place where all nations and all people live together in harmony.

For all victims of bloodshed, violence and persecution and those who are in danger that they may experience the power of resurrection.

For all who grieve for loved ones who have died in the desperation of violent actions that they may know your comforting presence.

For all who promote violence that their hearts may be turned to the way of peace.

For all the peoples of Asia, the South Pacific, Australia and Indonesia, all the peoples of Europe, all the peoples of South America, all the peoples of Africa, all the peoples of North America and Central America that they may see an end to all abuse, violence and war.

Send us to the places:

Where there is bitterness, hatred and indifference fuel inaction,

Where fear and violent thoughts or action fill the day,

Where selfishness leads people to commit injustice to others,

Where human suffering destroys your beauty.,

Where grief continues for the death of loved ones,

Where hungry mothers break their backs to feed their families, and

Where displaced persons face lack the security of a home.

We join our hearts and minds to our brothers and sisters around the world praying for the light of peace to illumine all the earth.  Let the design of your great love enlighten and heal the relationships in our world fragmented by misunderstanding, violence and war.

We ask this of God in your Holy Name.  Amen[1]

[1] Adapted from prayers for peace found at:  and


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