Movin’ On Up

I’ve been blogging almost a year now.  I had signed up for my Blogger blog site a couple years ago.  I just randomly chose Blogger as my blog host site unaware of the different functionality offered by the various blog hosting sites.

Now that I’ve read some other blogs and looked at features on other sites, I decided Blogger wasn’t the best site for me.  I have decided to move my blog to Word Press, mainly because my blog followers can ‘subscribe’ to my blog.  Subscribers will receive an e-mail when I post a new blog, so people who follow my blog don’t have to keep checking back for new posts.

My old blog address is:  I have now moved to  I have imported all my previous blog posts to my new blog site.  This move was pretty easy!

Wouldn’t it be nice if God blogged!?  We could all get e-mails when God posted a new message for the world.  I have often fancied the notion that God would communicate with us by letter, e-mail, postcard, blog, etc. 

The United Church of Christ has the slogan, “God is still speaking.  Don’t put a period where God has put a comma.”  It reminds us that God does still has a message for us.  Its just not as easy to hear as a blog would be to read.

Luckily, we have the Bible.  The Bible is the word of God.  The Bible is not the final word of God.  We read and study the Bible so we can discern how God is still speaking and what message God has for us and the world.

May you receive a love note from God this week,
Rev. Tracy


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