>There’s a Spring in My Step

>It’s still a few weeks before our clocks spring forward one hour allowing us to enjoy more day light. We had a sneek peak at Spring weather. It was warm and sunny and breezy. The snow melted.  I heard a few birds singing.  Kravitz laid on the porch basking in the sun one evening while I swang on the front porch swing reading the day’s paper.  It was so nice that I bought a new pair of sandals.

Winter weather came through again last week – snow, cold, rain, windy, slush. (The most recent bout of winter weather may be Karma’s response to me spending money on sandals instead of replacing the snow brush I broke during the ice storm.)  Winter is the dying season in the cycle of the Earth and it is the season in which we are less active. We get around town less. We socialize less. Really, who wants to be out in the muck and cold!?

And, now, we’re back to Spring-like weather.  Hopefully, this will be the last time Spring weather has to overcome the wintry stuff.  At least, according to Puxsutawney Phil, 2011 will have an early Spring.  Excited for the bleak gray days to be history, I’ve heard some, and even I have, been making plans for when the snow has finally cleared and the birds are chirping.

Spring, in the cycle of seasons, is when we see new life break through.  Daffodils, crocus and hyacinth will soon peek out of the soggy soil.  They are the first to announce that Spring has officially arrived.  I find it so odd that the signs of new life emerge before Easter.  I’ve often thought that all the Spring flowers should miraculously bloom on Easter morn.  Mary first met Jesus in the garden and she supposed him to be the gardener (John 20: 15).  If a gardener had been expected to be there, then there was a garden to be tended.  The gardens would have already been growing when Jesus was laid in the tomb. 

Let the flowers begin to bloom, as we’ll need a garden to tend come Easter morn.  Lent is the season of the Christian year when death gives way to resurrection.  Perhaps, the signs of Spring emerging are a reminder that, as we follow Jesus into the city of Jerusalem and to the cross, there is new life in Christ.

May Sower of Life tend the garden of your soul,
Rev. Tracy


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