>Oh, Baby!

>Following the example of the successful revolt to overthrow the Tunisian government, Egypt banned together via social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and set to the streets. It was difficult to watch the riots and protests and gunfire and molotov cocktails filling Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt for day after day. Finally after 18 days of protest, the Egyptian people celebrated the resignation of their president Hosni Mubarak. The crowd chanted: “Egypt is free! Egypt is free!”

Mubarak had been president for 30 years. He has been hailed for maintaining peace with Israel, upholding martial law sanctioning detainment without cause, and staving off radical Islamic movements. On the other hand, Mubarak is blamed for 40% of Egyptians living in poverty, state controlled press, and numerous human rights violations. Remembering his legacy as Egyptian leader, some have described his as the “last Pharaoh.”

“Pharaoh, Pharaoh! Oh, Baby! Let my people go!” So goes the chorus of a favorite children’s song about Moses’ call to lead God’s people out of the hands of the Pharaoh’s oppressive rule enslaving the Hebrew people.

If history reports itself, 2011 has seen the modern day Exodus. Pharaoh has let the people of Egypt go free – without frogs, gnats, flies, boils, locusts, and thunderstorms. Now, the people can work to develop a government that is fair and just. God has heard the cries of the people. Justice and freedom reigns for the people of God.

May you know God’s liberating power in your life,
Rev. Tracy


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