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Kravitz doesn’t like it when I sit on the couch with my computer to keep up with my friends on Facebook.  He’d prefer I pay attention to him.  Sometimes, he barks at me until I put the computer aside to pet him.  Sometimes, he whines until I close down to play with him.  Other times…well, you see the picture.  He cuddles up right next to me and lays his snout on the keyboard.  As I’m blogging tonight, he’s laying on the floor giving me his best sad puppy dog eyes.
Honestly, Kravitz is like any other dog.  He just wants to be with me and get some attention from me.  It doesn’t matter what we do – go for a walk, throw a ball, do laundry, watch a movie – it’s his favorite thing to do because he’s with me. 
Before Kravitz and I moved to Litchfield, I asked the veterinarian about how he would adjust to a new home.  The vet told me that dogs are ‘people’ animals.  Cats are attached to places, but dogs don’t care where they’re at or what they’re doing as long as they are with their ‘people.’  I’m Kravitz’ people. 
Many may not see the connection between the Divine God and a canine mutt.  Musician Wendy J. Francisco does.  She sings about how a dog has qualities that are reminiscent of God’s constant presence, unconditional love, and ever-flowing grace.  “I’m the one that walks away.  Both of them wait for me.  And dance at my return with glee.” 

Wendy reminds us that a dog is created by God and so reflects God image.  A dog reflects God’s desire to be acknowledged in all we do and everywhere we go.  A dog’s wagging tail reminds us of God’s excitement to be involved in our lives.  A dog’s bark reminds us of God’s desire to protect us; well, sometimes Kravitz just wants dinner.

May you seek God with the same determination
          that you stalk your Facebook friends,
Rev. Tracy


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