>Happy Holidays!

>I have seen it on bumper stickers. I have heard it from friends. I have seen it in store windows. I have heard it on the radio. I have seen it in it halogen. What is it? Keep Christ in Christmas.

My dear friend and colleague Rev. Andrea Brownlee recently blogged about the concern of keeping Christ in Christmas. I gotta give credit where credit is due.  She too had her, “I wish they would stop trying to take Christ out of Christmas.” She asks, “Who are they and why are you concerned about how they are celebrating Christmas…the only person who can take Christ out of YOUR Christmas…is you!

It’s tough to hear, but she’s right. I am responsible for remaining focused on the Christ child as I bake cookies, unwrap gifts, and sing carols. I am responsible for seeing the reason for the season as I carry on family traditions. I am responsible for devoting time to Christ. I am responsible for remembering that this season would be naught if it were not for the gift of love incarnate.

I can’t say you need to do this or that to keep Christ in your Christmas. I am praying and reading Scriptures and studying and praying and practicing other spiritual disciplines for my spiritual journey as I await the Christ child to be born again. As for you, you are responsible for what you will do to keep Christ in your Christmas.

One of the difficulties Christians face is holiday greetings. Many say that replacing Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays is just another way of taking Christ out of Christmas. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter. If someone says Happy Holidays, you, as a Christian, have the right and privilege of replying, “Merry Christmas.” When Christ is in your Christmas, it doesn’t matter what others say to you, because you’re going to have a Merry Christmas.

May love fill your Christmas,
Rev. Tracy


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